Believe it or not Green Coffee Beans can make you thin

Green coffee beans, with their potential to burn unwanted fat at a fast pace, are being heralded as a sweeping innovation in weight-loss products. These beans are touted to reduce weight considerably, without specific changes in the dietary habits or exercise regime. Too good to be true, is it? But the recent findings have actually proved that the green, unroasted coffee beans can decrease your body weight substantially within a very short span.

The simple green food product is gaining a lot of focus from fitness experts, the world over. This attention is not baseless. The miracle beans actually exhibit a plethora of health benefits, in specific as a weight loss agent. Believe it or not, Green Coffee Beans can make you thin.

What are green coffee beans?

The green coffee beans are no super beans. They are the simple green and unroasted coffee beans from the Arabica plant. These beans consist of chlorogenic acid that aids weight loss by tapping unutilized fat reserves. The green beans are dried, ground and brewed into various coffee products.

How do green coffee beans regulate weight?

Experts conducted extensive studies on a group of over-weight and obese women to find the effect of green coffee beans. Each woman was given a certain dosage of the green coffee supplement, three times a day. The participants continued their regular diet schedule, and maintained a record of the dietary intake each day. After two weeks, the participants were amazed to find that they had reduced their weight by about two pounds.

A research on the factors leading to weight loss after the consumption of green beans led the scientists to a miraculous element termed ‘Chlorogenic acid’. This prime ingredient of green bean has the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that aid in neutralizing the harmful free radicals from your body. Apart from this, chlorogenic acid also acts a stress reliever, and aids in reducing the blood pressure. The green beans are low in caffeine and hence, not a stimulant like normal roasted coffee beans.

The chlorogenic acid works intensively to reduce the release of glucose into the blood stream. As a result, your body burns a greater amount of unwanted fat to generate energy. This increase in the metabolism rate causes weight loss.

There is another function of this ingredient that aids in your efforts to bring down your body mass. When you consume green beans, the chlorogenic acid increases your body heat. Thermogenesis occurs as a response to the resultant surge in body temperature, and promotes weight loss.

The chlorogenic acid present in the green coffee beans further restricts the growth of new cells, thus preventing weight gain. The fact that this acid is not absorbed or detected by the small intestine or plasma, makes it extremely effective in body weight maintenance. The combined mechanism of three factors prevents fat absorption and impede weight gain.


The fitness experts claim that the green coffee beans provide faster results than any other weight loss supplement available in the market. However, like all other supplements, you should ensure that the product is an organic, pure and cent percent high grade coffee bean. You should also confirm that the product contains chlorogenic acid as a constituent, and its potency and quality are approved by the regulatory authorities.