What are Green Coffee Bean Extracts?

slim waistThere are a wide variety of anti-aging products in the market today. To add to this very long list, is the green coffee bean extract. The normal coffee powder that we use is prepared after roasting the green coffee beans. On the other hand, the green coffee extract is obtained from the bean at a temperature of 70° C for a period of 2 hours, using a 70% concentrated ethanol. The green coffee extract is a light dark and yellowish brown hygroscopic powder, very rich in a number of polyphenols known as hydroxycinnamic acids, which has two main acids; caffeic and chlorogenic acids.

The extract is touted for its anti-obesity, hypotensive, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The green coffee extract is quite safe and there are no reported side effects after its use, making it one of the best weight loss methods . The following paragraphs describe the health benefits of this extract.

green coffee beansAnti-aging Benefits

The chlorogenic acids found in green coffee bean acts as an antioxidant; meaning it can destroy all the free radicals that the body forms in the process of metabolism. These free radicals can destroy the plasma membranes and trigger the ageing symptoms. By destroying the dangerous free radicals, the extract typically delays the beginning of aging. Test results have also shown that the absorbing capacity of oxygen radicals by this extract is twice faster that of green tea or grape seed extract.

Reduce Blood Pressure

Animal research shows that chlorogenic acids found in the green coffee extracts also aid in alleviation of high levels of blood pressure. According to the findings, research was further done on humans. The experiment, which was done for one month on people suffering from mild hypertension, indicated that taking green coffee extract supplements lowered the subjects’ high blood pressure levels. When a dose of 185 mg of the extract was consumed, it effectively treated hypertension and therefore has become helpful in hypertension treatment today.

Promotes Weight Loss

A Japanese scientist known as Hiroshi Shimoda conducted a research on the weight loss effects of green coffee bean and found out that the extract promotes weight loss. This is due to the two chemical compounds that naturally occur in green coffee beans. Since the coffee beans are usually unroasted, they still have their natural chemicals; which often disappear after roasting.

The naturally occurring compounds are chlorogenic and caffeine acid, which when combined result in weight loss. The caffeine, which originates from the coffee, produces fatty acids from stored fat, and the chlorogenic acid, on the other hand, assists in the efficient processing of fatty acids in the liver, thus leading to weight loss. Shimoda states that; If humans take a kilogram of food (2.2 pounds) with 10 grams (.35 ounce) of the extract per day for a period of 14 days, the body weight increase may be reduced by 35%.

Boosts Metabolism

The extract also promotes metabolism by changing the process of glucose absorption in the body. Caffeic acids stimulate and enhance the energy levels. Because they are unboiled, the coffee beans don’t have cafestol, a diterpene which may increase LDL or bad cholesterol levels.

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